Bertolino Foods moves to Peabody, MA

Bertolino Foods is relocating to Peabody MA. A Boston meat manufacturer and distributor, Bertolino Foods had outgrown its current location. Looking to relocate to the North Shore, many cities were considered. Peabody had the necessary space as well as an eager workforce.

“We looked at many spaces, but none felt quite right. As soon as we found the building on Fifth Street, we knew this was a perfect fit,” says Leo Bertolino, CEO.

The building was open and flexible for the needs of the company. The executive team planned the optimal layout for efficient workflow. The year-long design and build created an advanced manufacturing facility as well as a state-of-the-art test kitchen. The new building also includes personal touches focusing on the history of the company.

“We’re very proud to exhibit the combined history of F.B. Packing, Frank Bertolino Beef and Adams, Chapman Co,“ states Leo Bertolino. “We look forward to taking our vision to the next level in Peabody,MA.”

We look forward to taking our vision to the next level in Peabody, MA

Leo Bertolino, CEO