Bertolino Foods

In June 2020, Bertolino Foods was established as a growing business to encompass the merger of F.B. Packing Company, Frank Bertolino Beef and Adams, Chapman Co. These prestigious organizations have blended together to offer premium meats to customers throughout the nation. Our offering includes beef, poultry, pork, lamb & veal and we are proud to offer such respected brands as Certified Angus Beef ® and Bell & Evans.

Bertolino Foods also has a focus on food safety and quality. Our production facility is SQF Certified, illustrating our dedication to the highest level of food safety and cleanliness.

As both a food manufacturer and distributor, Bertolino Foods is looking forward to continued growth to service all retailer and foodservice accounts.

Frank Bertolino Beef

Frank Bertolino Beef began in Boston in 1961. Frank immigrated to the United States from Sicily where he was a fisherman. He and his father moved here to start a new life for their family and made Boston their home. Frank started in the meat business upon arrival and through his entrepreneurial spirit, quickly established his own company in the North End of Boston. In 1969, Frank Bertolino moved his company from the North End to the New Boston Food Market. Through hard work and determination, Frank Bertolino Beef grew into a successful manufacturer and provider of numerous beef products.

F.B. Packing Company

F. B. Packing Company was established in January 1990 by Frank Bertolino’s four sons – Frank, Leo, Augustino and Paul. Joining other established companies in the New Boston Food Market, F.B. Packing initially offered a variety of premium pork products. Through customer demands, the product line quickly expanded to include beef, veal and lamb. The family-owned company was strengthened by the addition of Frank’s grandson Michael Bertolino. Through years of experience as well as new ideas, F.B. Packing has grown into a well-regarded leader in the industry.

Adams, Chapman Co.

Founded in 1867, by Amos Adams and Edwin Chapman, Adams, Chapman Co. has a rich history. The company was first located at 17 Faneuil Hall Square in the original Boston Food Market. The company began as commission merchants; they would take anything a farmer had on the farm, such as fruit, poultry, veal, beef, eggs, maple syrup, goats, rabbits and even bear, and they would sell it to a retailer or wholesaler. To help grow the company, they began transporting poultry from the Midwest. Through the company’s prosperity in the 1900’s, the mix of products began to streamline to an offering of primarily poultry items. Brad Benson began working for Adams, Chapman Co. in 1978 under the guidance of his father Dick Benson, joint owner of the company. Over time, Dick Benson became sole owner of the company and in 1990 sold the company to his son Brad. Adams, Chapman Co. was a leader in providing Boston and the New England area with all-natural poultry and meats throughout the 1990s and continues its respected operation today